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Myofascial Release - Lower legs & feet + neck/shoulder review

Your teacher, Chintamani Kansas', testimonial on the importance of myofascial release work: I personally had plantar fasciitis for a year.  My foot hurt so much I hobbled and couldn’t wear anything but sneakers.  Finally I discovered it was originating from a knot in my calf I didn’t know I had.  A year of foot pain was gone in one afternoon.  Ever since, I have utilized ballwork in other areas of my body to release restrictions, improve flexibility, function and wellbeing.


Knots cause trigger points in muscle tissue which can be very painful and can cause imbalances in the body that may lead to inflammation or injury.  Rolling out muscle knots increases flexibility and muscle function and can prevent injury and improve wellbeing. 

We will use rubber balls similar to tennis balls to work out the knots in the body. Using therapeutic balls can get into areas in the body that massage therapists may not be able to. You will learn how to incorporate these healing techniques into your health routine. 

This workshop includes:

  • Gentle yoga and stretching specific to the areas of focus
  • Use of therapy balls
  • A brief tour of anatomy slides and books specific to focus
  • Muscles and trigger points hand-outs

Dress in comfortable clothes with layers and bring water.

Therapy balls may be purchased on site - $10 each - cash only! 

$40 pre-register & members// $45 day of