urban yoga retreat

5 Day Urban Yoga Retreats in NYC M-F 6:15 - 7:55 AM

Now offered 3 times a year: Winter, Summer & Fall

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Summer Of Love

Summer Of Love is taking over Rise & Shine Mindful Slow Flow

Your teacher, studio owner, Kim Stetz

"Thank you SO much. It was a beautiful and powerful week of realizing intentions I have been working on for the past few weeks. It felt like a jumpstart to my confidence and excitement about my future. I have been so much more productive in this one week than the last 3 weeks put together!"

Full on summer lovin! 
all or nothing - no drop ins

6:15 - 7:55 AM
5 ~ 1 hr 40 min classes

Tier 1 & One Year members $50 // Tier 2 & Support Members $80 // Tier 3 $110 // $125

Please consider Dana for your teacher, Kim Stetz. Dana is the practice of cultivating generosity and letting go. The tradition of Dana in Buddhism is an acknowledgement of our interconnectedness and interdependence. Suggested donation $5 - $10 per day. 

Can't make every class? Do your best and please be accountable for what you commit to  classes not available for drop in participation.

Guided gratitude meditation + pranayama + mindful slow flow
Minimum 10 students  // Maximum 18

How is Summer Of Love an "urban yoga retreat"? Would you like to deepen your yoga practice, take some time for yourself, but can't quite get away from NYC? We are here to help you out with this. We'll create our own oasis right here in NYC. You don't need to "escape" to find peace and relaxation. Your sense of well being is in you always. Set aside the time to reconnect with your amazing, sexy, summery self without leaving NYC. We will practice a contemplative gratitude meditation during the 5 day retreat. 

Practice schedule:

Monday 6:05 AM arrive settle in

6:15 - 6:35 AM introductions, intention setting

6:35 - 6:50 AM dhyana  (meditation)

6:50 - 7:50 pranayama + asana 

7:50 - 7:55 AM Namaste 

Tues, Wed, Thurs

6:05 AM arrive settle in

6:15 - 6:35 AM dhyana (meditation)

6:35 - 7:50 AM pranayama + asana

7:50 - 7:55 AM Namaste 


6:05 AM arrive settle in

6:15 - 6:25 AM dhyana (meditation)

6:25 - 7:20 AM pranayama & asana

7:20 - 7:55 AM reflection, intention bracelet tying, namaste

 Kim Stetz

Kim Stetz

As a yoga studio owner and instructor, Kim is hands on at Savasana Station to ensure that every student feels welcome, regardless of age or physical fitness. Try a variety of our  classes with us today to see all of the benefits this practice has to offer!

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