Savasana Station is THE studio to go to for total mind-body relaxation. This practice isn't about having the fanciest yoga pants or bendiest poses. The studio is a real community and encourages mindfulness in all areas of our lives. Don't come with a competitive attitude or for an intense workout - come to refresh mind, body, and spirit. The best!

"When you are at Savasana Station, you have a true sense of community, lead gently, and with good humor, by the lovely owner, Kim; everyone I see when I go there for a class feels genuinely at home, and able to be themselves." Eowyn L. 

I just wanted to thank you again because more than a sense community it is a feeling of having a home. ~ member

"Here, for all the world to see: in my previous (and first) yoga studio, my goal was to someday do a handstand or headstand. In this studio, my goal everyday is to be a better person. Not because we sit around holding hands and singing Kumbaya (although if Ellie led the singing, I'm game), but because being here encourages me to be mindful of myself and others, and to revel in the joys of a loving, and laughing, and light-hearted community. Even outside of the studio, I am still part of it, and I am happy to call myself a friend of and believer in Kim, whose practice and teachers continue to remind me me to meet myself where I am, and that no matter what I have and have not said, and done, and felt, and thought, and remembered, and forgotten, and promised, and broken, there is always a place inside me that remains at peace and is good. It's a much easier place to reach now. Everyone needs a Savasana Station." GL

What they're experiencing ....

Absolutely love love love this studio! From the classes to the instructors to the space itself, everything is perfect! I always leave feeling refreshed and more mindful. It doesn’t get any better than this. The owner, Kim, has created an amazing space to explore and grow any yogi’s practice.
— Yelp

When Yoga Sleuth heard a new studio opened in the East Village offering yoga for tired people - it was time to investigate! Savasana Station, which opened its doors last April, offers mixed level classes for skeptics, the tired and even lazy, with a focus on mindful movement, breath and most importantly: rest. This one-room boutique yoga studio was the perfect setting to discover inner calm, minus the fancy amenities and nine million chaturangas. - Yoga City NYC 

Taylor’s class was the best class yet! Sunday night Mindful Slow Flow! I’ve been looking for a Yoga studio in NYC (I live in LA) for a long time and now I’ve found a home. The classes are so mindful and I sweat without all the pushing and rushing through. Even the street sounds don’t bother my mediation practice. It’s so peaceful here. I’m really grateful. Thank you, Kim. ~ Leslie B. 

Review of Ellie Aaron's Village People 80s Tunes Friday 7:00 pm The class was filled with regulars who greeted each other warmly, and a few newbies—like this guy. The yogis swapped stories of their weeks, as "Centerfold" by The J. Geil's Band accompanied us. —Jim Catapano for Yoga Sleuth

“The space is very open and clean and -- overall -- a very peaceful, calming place to practice in the heart of the East Village.”


What impressed me about this studio is the level of attention the instructor gives to each student. Everyone is given options that are appropriate for their levels of flexibility and needs. I've taken a few classes with Sofia. The instructor was constantly checking on the students. The routines are different enough each time as well, which is a nice touch. Overall, I recommend it. - Amy Y

How can you not love this place? Not only are the teachers TOP notch, the vibe is always friendly and the space is refreshing. The classes are inspirational and even though you can see the street, it’s not noisey at all. One of the most soothing yoga studios in NYC. I can’t recommend it enough.
— Yelp

Saw your ad in Town and Village and went to the Community class this evening. I haven't done any yoga in many years. The studio is so Zen and Ellie made me feel very comfortable. The class was so restorative! I took advantage and bought the 3 classes for $30.00.  I will recommend this studio to my friends in the area and on my Facebook page. - Ellen

I spent the other morning learning how to meditate. Kim has incredible insight and patience. I left feeling encouraged by the whole experience.
— Yelp

I love Savasana Station. The classes are beneficial for a peace of mind. A good solution, other then a visit to chiropractor or working out at the gym. Thank you and your fellow teachers. Namaste!


I'm so glad this place has opened! The studio has such a peaceful vibe and is an oasis in the East Village. I've taken classes with both Kim (the owner) and Ben, and they've been unique, relaxing, and challenging all at the same time. - May

Shannon and Belle after Urban Yoga Retreat "Just This Breath" 

Shannon and Belle after Urban Yoga Retreat "Just This Breath" 


Thanks for creating the space that brought us from all boroughs to breathe + practice together. You've built something beautiful, Kim! - Adreanna

The MBSR 8 week course could not have come at a better time in my life. I was going through many changes in my personal life and felt like I needed something to ground my emotions and daily interactions. The meditation process has really changed my perspective and has really allowed me to practice patience and kindness towards myself and others. I find that I communicate more with ease and trust the decisions I make every day. Paired with the supportive and peaceful environment at Savasana Station, I highly recommend Emily's MBSR course! -B

"Yoga for the rest of us... a truthful tag line. This brand new yoga studio in the east village is a clean peaceful place to practice yoga and meditation. Studio owner Kim Stetz has done a wonderful job of bringing yoga to the people. A ground floor space, it's accessible to all." - Yelp



Fall Urban Yoga Retreat yogis - we practice M-F 6:15 - 7:55 AM during our retreat

Fall Urban Yoga Retreat yogis - we practice M-F 6:15 - 7:55 AM during our retreat

Urban Yoga Retreat experiences:

... "there's the physical aspect where I feel more grounded, stronger and connected to the earth. But, more than that, emotionally, I feel more open and raw and honest. When we spoke to one another this week, I felt that everyone cared about what I had to say and truly listened when each other spoke ...This retreat gave me the strength and courage to speak my truth." S 

"The retreat provided everything I had hoped and more.  I felt such a strong sense of community within the group and everyone was so supportive of one another. The bond we felt at the end of the week is truly a testament to her (Kim's) dedication to the practice and the practitioners." K

“Thank you for yet an another amazing yoga experience. You are a truly gifted & inspirational teacher!" D

"Thank you SO much. It was a beautiful and powerful week of realizing intentions I have been working on for the past few weeks. It felt like a jumpstart to my confidence and excitement about my future. I have been so much more productive in this one week than the last 3 weeks put together!" V 

"Thank you, Kim, once again, for making this retreat so wonderful. I love coming to Savasana Station and practicing with you and the other members in our community. Thank you for creating and nurturing and growing the space and allowing me to be a part of it." S (Yogi who has been on all 3 Urban Yoga Retreats) 

I just wanted to say I had such a great time at my first yoga class in more than a year. East Yoga was my first studio and I loved it (and it will always be special!), and it’s been difficult to find a similar place. But today during my first Warrior1 I almost broke out laughing, I was so happy. Have a great weekend. - R

Savasana Station has been such a positive addition to my life and has helped me become a better, happier person!  My mom has really enjoyed her experience thus far as well. This is the first time she has tried yoga and she loves it now. - Kristen, studio member

I am so out of shape and need to be nudged back into regular exercise and yoga. Savasana Station is such a welcoming, beautiful and peaceful alternative to power workouts and “competitive yoga” that you often find in Manhattan. The instructors are very experienced with various kinds of students, and the slow flow is perfect for any level.
— Yelp

Thank you . It was a great class and a nice way to start the day . Xo JM P.S. Anna really liked it as well. - Jean- Marc, studio member

I'm pretty new to yoga and Kim and her instructors do an amazing job making people feel welcome and a part of the class no matter their practice level. They play some real music, and have classes everyday with a variety of styles and tone.  Free meditations are pretty great too. - Gary 

If you are a tired burned out New Yorker, this is your studio!! I work a very high stress job and this place has given me the peace of mind I need to face every day. Kim, the owner, has waited her whole life to open up her own studio, and it shows. She takes much pride in selecting excellent teachers and creating a community. I would also highly recommend this studio if you are new in town and want to find a place to belong. I wasn’t even looking for that aspect, but it was a nice little bonus :)
— Yelp
I’ve been doing yoga on and off for 10 years now. I took the mindful vinyasa class with Ben last night, and this was hands down one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken. The 1 hour and 15 mins flew by. It was challenging, but not overwhelming. We did lots of positions: moon salutations, warriors, planks, dogs, cobras, and lower back work. It left me sore in all the right places.
— Yelp

I'm now a support member!  Woo hoo!  Savasana Station has totally improved the balance in my life, and I'm so thankful for your studio & the community you created! - Marissa

Stop looking. You’ve found everything you’ll ever need for a fulfilling yoga practice at Savasana Station: Yoga for any and all levels, meditation, mindful moments, a community of friendly amazing light filled people and the best yoga instructor I’ve found since moving to New York - Kim!
— Yelp
I’ve been to a few different studios in the area, and Kim has created an exceptional urban oasis for practicing yoga! All the blocks, bolsters, and mats are top notch and the environment is comfortable and free from distractions.
— Yelp
Wonderful new yoga studio with experienced teachers and an emphasis on taking care of yourself, not beating yourself up. Love the “Mindful Slow Flow” classes.
— Yelp
We flowed through standing Warrior poses, popped up into bridge, and struggled, er, settled into deep pigeon poses. It was the perfect reprieve after a week of cycling andHIIT, and totally got me to recharge and bliss out.
— Yelp
I usually go to East Yoga because it’s closer to me but want to start coming here more often. Clean studio, clean equipment, and overall love the space.
— Yelp