Whole Food Cleanse

Spring is ALMOST HERE! 

Whole Food SPRING Cleanse is a 10 day group cleanse to help you establish a mind that is calm and a body you love!

Spring dates: April 9th-19th

10 Day Online Cleanse $100 (apply 10% discount code at check out) 

Double the fun ~ you and a buddy $149

Where can I find the code? Like our FB page, in our newsletter

What do I get?

  • Done-For-You Healthy Eating BOOKLET 

The booklet incudes: simple, delicious, and tasty meal plans, and helpful time saving tips.

No more wondering what to make for dinner and eating take out that isn’t that tasty and is very expensive. For the next 10 days we’ve got you covered!

  • Online Community Support Around the Clock

As a member of this cleanse you will gain exclusive access to our Private Facebook group, where you can share your experience your fellow cleanse participants. You will also have daily email contact and support from Ellie and the Whole Food Cleanse team.

  • Guided Meditations

These Guided Meditations are specifically designed to make you feel calm. These custom recordings will be in MP3 format, so you can listen to them on all of your devices. They are released throughout the 10 days, not all at once. 

  • 1 Group call

One, one hour group call is a chance to reconnect with one another, feel supported by the group, ask any questions you may have around the cleanse, and learn meditation practices. Call will be recorded and emailed to you. Happening SATURDAY APRIL 16th! Time TBD probably 5:00p


What is the Whole Food Cleanse all about?

This is a 10 day experience to cleanse your body of sugar, alcohol, and animal products and immerse yourself in a whole food journey to give your body a healthy TUNE UP of SPRING ENERGY!

During this cleanse you will…

  • Lose weight
  • Build a healthy eating action plan  
  • Learn a meditation practice you can build into your life
  • Create community with other like-minded people
  • Double your energy by eating nourishing foods
  • Dedicate time to your self-care and FEEL awesome in your body

Is one of your goals to be caffeine free? 

To prevent caffeine withdrawal symptoms, you may want to consider weaning off coffee a week before the cleanse using this simple method:

-Reduce coffee by 1/2 cup (ie, if you normally drink 2 cups, drink 1.5 cups for 2 days)

-After 2 days, reduce by another 1/2 cup.  Drink this amount for another 2 days.

-Once you are down to 1 cup of coffee, switch to espresso for 1 day, and then to green tea.

What makes this cleanse different?

Our Whole food cleanse was created for the fast paced life of the modern human being and the many roles you play.  

We know you do it all … work, family, partners, dating, friends, and more. We know that it’s crucial to take care of yourself in your very full life. Yet, many times you don’t. We want you to put your joy and health at the top of the list again.

During our cleanse you will learn practical steps to creating a life and body you love AND the crucial mindset shifts you need to make in order to follow through on your health goals.

Throughout the cleanse, you’ll receive expert guidance, support, coaching, and accountability. You’ll also get comprehensive done-for-you materials, from guided meditations, to recipes.

We’ve set you up to have everything you need to succeed!

Secrets to a life + body you love: 

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.49.23 PM.png

For over 5 years, I’ve been teaching and training people in Holistic Health. What I’ve noticed is that while some people become wildly in love with their life, others are still struggling in a lot of negative habits, despite knowing what they need to do for themselves.

I truly believe that every human deserves to have a body and life they really love.

As your facilitator for this cleanse, I’ve seen many people transform their life-through support, accountability, and a whole lotta love. Kim Stetz (founder of Savasana Station) and I have developed an awesome cleanse (that takes into account your busy life!) for you to learn the practical steps to achieving a body and life you adore, and also the mindset for lasting change beyond the cleanse! Change the way you eat, and your life will change.

With gratitude, Ellie Aaron



“Working with Ellie was essential for me in reclaiming my happiness and being body positive amidst a very real health concern. At the start of our work together, I was frightened by my future. Now, I'm confident in myself, working out for the first time in my life and writing a children's book! Thank you, Ellie!”

“Ellie has taught me to take care of myself physically, emotionally and mentally. I have learned through my conversations with Ellie about the importance of treating healthy living as a top priority in my life, and through her guidance I found the confidence and sense of self-worth to actually treat myself with the care I deserve!” Sarah Kaufman, Social Media Consultant

“Working with Ellie was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Truly. I’ve changed so much and not only do I feel it but the people around me have noticed it as well! My overall thinking is much more positive. I am more accepting of myself and loving.”  Marquette Korff

What a great day, I'm so glad I signed up for your spring detox program!! I just wanted to curb my eating and jump start summer weight loss, but I think this could actually change the way I eat permanently. I'm shocked that I haven't had any chocolate or wine today and it's 10:30 and I am loving this Yogi Kava tea! I also thought I'd hate kitchari, but I LOVED it. I'm just shocked at how this happened in such a lovely way, no starvation or self-hatred or anything negative. Thank you thank you thank you, you are truly amazing!”

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the very inspiring and profound detox guidance. I am sure it wasn't easy guiding a group "virtually" ...  you've pulled it off beautifully!  .... looking forward to future updates!”

Some shift has happened to me this morning. I do not sound like a phony person so I am sending you a personal email my vision suddenly wide opened. For the first time in maybe 20 years, I feel some inner physical energy. Whatever it is, I feel very good. Thank you beautiful sister!”

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