new to yoga

Welcome New Yogis!

Yoga is an exciting transformative process. Ask yourself what brought you to this practice and see what comes up. Yes, try doing this now. 

For some it may be for physical reasons, for some it may be intellectual, for some emotional and for others spiritual. Many yogis find that Yoga is a combination of all of those things to one degree or another – but this is your practice and what you take from it and what you contribute will be up to you.

We currently teach group classes for adults only. You are welcome to bring children minimum age of 13 with you as long as you both participate in the class. You will need to sign a liability release waiver. 

Savasana Station Yoga instructors are here to teach Yoga clearly. Each of us teaches from our personal practice. We do our best to see you, and learn your practice and get to know you. Along the way obstacles and potential confusion may arise. This is OK. Not only is it OK, it is part of the journey of self discovery. We are here to support your practice and encourage growth and living in a space of curiosity where your "script" hasn't been written, full of potential. 

Please speak to any of us or email with feedback on how we can better support you in your practice.

Namaste! (read further to learn what this means)



Yoga Studio Etiquette

  • Do arrive ten minutes early to check in, settle in. We are open only for yoga classes - arrive too early (ie: 30 min) and we may not be ready for you. Arrive late, please come back another time.
  • Turn your electronic equipment off or airplane mode.
  • If you are coming to class, stay for the whole class. Know when the class you choose to attend begins and ends. No skipping Savasana - you're at Savasana Station! 
  • Wear clothing appropriate for movement. Savasana classes no change of clothing necessary just perhaps take your tie off and loosen restrictive clothing and get comfortable.
  • Please don't wear perfume or go heavy on scents of any kind. What suits your nervous system palate doesn't necessarily suit others.
  • If you are sick and actively coughing, please don't come to class. If you are chewing gum, toss it.
  • Please don't wear shoes on the practice floor. You can leave them up front on the rocks or the carpet.You may change in the bathroom and hang your clothes there.
  • Smile at others if you feel like it. If you want to be quiet, then be quiet. Don't eat a heavy meal and practice.
  • Drink water when you need to. Rest when you need to.
  • If you use a studio mat, please clean it with the mat spray and towel provided then leave open to dry. 
  • Be human. Practice mindfully. 
  • Namaste is often said at the end of class, but here at Savasana Station you may find yourself saying it in the beginning and at the end of class. Namaste translates to "the divine in me bows to the divine in you". Often the hands are placed together at the heart's center and one bows to another. Namaste.