Saying good-bye to savasana station

 May we always be greeted with rose petals and smiles. 

May we always be greeted with rose petals and smiles. 

Savasana Station Closed May 31, 2017

May 10, 2017

Closing Savasana Station has been one of hardest decisions I've ever had to make.

We've spent three years building community and I know we will all miss slow flow classes, "Pass the Namaste", singing in classes, falling down in class and getting back up. Yes, we will miss the joy that follows tears. 

I opened this studio with the intention to teach mindful yoga classes, build community and teach people to see their minds and hearts through meditation practice. With all of my heart, I know this studio was a success and hundreds of lives were affected by the practices at Savasana Station. You inspired me every day showing up in tough times and times of ease. This is what it's all about and how we evolve as a caring society. 

The love and support has been pouring in. The teachers and I are all so grateful to see your beautiful faces each time you step into the studio. Please do make sure you follow the schedules of the teachers you like to take class with! They all teach all over the city and would love to see you! 

I will be teaching privates at my home and most likely teaching a semi-weekly class in the neighborhood in the Fall. Please do get in touch if you would like private classes with me. If you haven't visited my personal website, recently reconstructed and active after a 3 year hiatus, please do have a look through and sign up for newsletters and get a free meditation guide with subscription. Newsletters from my personal site will go out once a month tops.

Ellie and I are partnering together to lead retreats and teacher trainings. There's lots of good stuff on the horizon for us all. 

There's whispers of a celebration party in the process organized by the teachers and volunteers so stay tuned for one last hoo-rah! If you would like to help plan, please respond to this email and I will pass the word along. 

Please do join us for classes until the end of the month. We'd like to see you here while we're still here. There are 10 spaces available per class.

There is a button below for donations which I will gratefully accept to help pay for closing costs. 

With gratitude, Kim

Healing and supportive words from the community - for privacy purposes, names have been omitted (emojis have not) ❤️☺️💛🙏💚🙏🏻🌻 😘💖

This place has been a refuge. A sanctuary. A home I went to amidst serious life stuff. There was death while I worked here of two humans I so deeply loved (and I'd come to teach and my mind became settled because It had to be and I had to be present for others) - and felt held and could hold others too in the vulnerability of life.

Aww I'm sorry to see it's closing! It was definitely my favorite yoga place in the city. I unfortunately had a hard time making it over there during this last semester. Wishing the best for everyone involved 💖

I am so sad about the closing but very hopeful that it will bring new openings and lightness and freedom and space for you, Kim, after sharing so much of yourself and creating and holding space for so many others.

All things must end and new ones begin. You've accomplished so much lady. As your friends seem to be saying, onward, yay! 💕🌷💕

Sorry to see this. But I know it will lead to another great adventure. ✨✨✨

I am holding you in my heart <3

Sounds like the beginning of a new chapter in your "Great story" of success! 💯👊😎🙏

Oh man! You know I feel your pain woman! Good for you for starting a wonderful community and really giving it 100%. You were an inspiration. I hope all good things lay ahead. Let me know if you need a shoulder to cry or bitch on! 

I am so sorry to hear that but I know it was a difficult decision for you in every way. You know I think you've created a very special place that I've always enjoyed being a part of, and I will dearly miss it. I will definitely see you around!

Dear Kim, I was very sorry to hear about the closing. As you know Savasana Station was key to initiating me into yoga and I always felt welcomed and spiritually nourished there. <Name> also really enjoyed her few times there and is I believe writing you as well.  I certainly would have kept on signing up even though gravity is pulling me to New Jersey now. I think it is very hard to run any sort of business in the East Village given the real estate prices. Certainly Savasana Station in its brief existence incarnated the kind of community that this neighborhood used to have but really does not have now.  

I am so sad to hear about the studio closing.  I know how hard you worked to keep it going. It is a very special place/community that you built.   

I'm sorry to see you close Savasana Station but know in my heart you will move on successfully to your next chapter!! Much love!! xoxo 😘

So sorry to hear this. When one door closes, another opens. May your future be filled with endless possibilities!!!

Totally gutted to hear the news Kim.  Such a shame having just found you guys !  Have really enjoyed my first 4 classes.  Very much is helping re-gain focus and relieve the stress of working in the music promoter biz.

Dear Kim. I've been thinking about how to reply to your email.  First, I think you are an amazing writer! Your generosity shows through in your writing. Thank you so much for teaching me, listening to me, being my friend, and providing the beautiful, artistic and serene space of savasana station! I will always remember our first day meditating together, my first day meditating! We did metta. I will always remember that! With physical yoga, you have such a good body knowledge. You helped identify and teach me how to treat my mild pain in my shoulder and my glutes. I have also loved the additional teachers you brought to my life: Especially emily h., jewels, ashley, and ellie. Thank you for bringing something lasting to my life, no matter how our paths may vary. 

I have adored staying in touch with you through station. Take the best of care and stay in touch.

So sorry. I owe you a drink/conversation.

Oh, Girl, I am SO sorry to hear this. Another studio with grace and authenticity. ...This yoga world... I send you love and support. I can imagine how difficult a decision it was. And I wish you absolute abundance in your Retreats and Privates.

Hi Kim, I was so upset to get this email. Savasana Station was such a part of my healing. You guys saw me at my worst and were tremendously instrumental to my healing process. I always felt so respected and cared for, even when I couldn't say my name without crying. So a million thank yous for that to you and the amazing roster of instructors, particularly the preternaturally gifted Ellie. 

Very sad to hear this news! It's top three of my favorite studios in the city and would recommend it to anyone. You have such a vibrant and inviting personality and really brought in such a warm crowd of people. SS has such a wonderful charm and compliments the neighborhood so well. Really feels like 'home'. I will definitely be in before the end of the month!

Oh Kim this just breaks my heart! I'm devastated by the news, but also know it has been a real struggle to keep the studio going. I would be happy to help plan a farewell get together and also want to stay in touch with you and Ellie especially! I'm going to sign up for the remaining classes I can make right now. Sending you so much love, you and your studio changed my life and I'm forever grateful!

I'M SO SAD!!!! Savasana station has changed my life, Kim, and I owe that all to you and the great teachers you've hired. I'm so grateful that we still get to do teacher training :-)

Xoxo. Wish you the best. You provided a beautiful space!!!

Dang. Sorry, Kim. I know you put a lot into it.

So proud of your amazing and beautiful accomplishment! So much love! Xoox

Reading this made my heart hurt. Best wishes for what comes next.

Love and thought with you Kim, and with all from SS as you start on these new paths ❤️☺️

So proud of you, Kim! Has been awesome watching supporting your journey and adventures with SS. Good luck, and if you ever want some help on a retreat let me know! 

I'm so sorry to hear this, Kim! You created such a beautiful space, but the best parts about Savasana Station are within you. Xoxo

I'm so sorry to hear the news. The community will truly miss the wonderful space you created. It was so full of life and love. Thank you. Xoxo 💖

This is so sad! I will definitely try to use the classes before the 31st.

Happiest memory of peeking in the window with my daughter as you were preparing for your grand opening and you invited us in and showed us around. Good for you for creating something like this, now onto the next adventure! Enjoy the journey! 😎🙏😍

Connectivity will remain and last forever.

I'm so sorry to hear Savasana station will be coming to a close at the end of the month. I'm thankful to teach here and look forward to teaching the next few weekends. 

Kim, I'm so sad to hear this. Please know how much you and the community you helped create means to me. Thank you so much for everything. For welcoming me into your studio with no judgment, for providing me a space where I could just be, for introducing meditation to me, for helping make this neighborhood my home, and for always reminding me that I am enough. Your teachings will stay with me for a lifetime and even through my recovery, I often hear your voice in the back of my mind reminding me to breathe. I will always have fond memories of the studio and although I am sad that it will no longer be, I'm excited for you and your next adventure! Sending you all the love I can and will see you soon to give you a proper hug good luck! 

I feel for you, Kim. Sending you good vibes on a job well done and great things to come. 💛🙏

I am devastated, but I understand.

I'm surprised to hear this news. You are one classy lady and Will flourish where ever your next adventure takes you. Blessings to you fellow yogi. Namaste

I remember when you shared this dream with me and you did it! Congrats on all that you have accomplished and only the best for you on your next chapter and the next iteration of dreams you make a reality. :)

NOOOOOO! I am not happy about this! And neither is G! But like all good things, we thought you'd always be there and we remain blindsided when they end. You created an amazing space, so welcoming, such a refuge. I am so sorry, am sending you all my love, metta, compassion, hugs, but I feel you will move on to new great possibilities!

Oh man! You know I feel your pain woman! Good for you for starting a wonderful community and really giving it 100%. You were an inspiration. I hope all good things lay ahead. Let me know if you need a shoulder to cry or bitch on! <3

Your next fantastic adventure awaits you Kim!!! 💚🙏🏻🌻 your passion will show where ever you land!!!

Dear Kim, Really? The studio is closing? :(  The studio definitely has been a sacred place for me. A place to find myself and to meet amazing people and share the love for all the things that matter in live. I will miss the studio so much!! 

Wow. I want to respond in full but need to digest and process. I know you've in agonizing over this decision in some regards for months and I'm glad to hear that you have a path forward -- even if it's not the vision that you set out with. Bigger conversations, and I would honestly be interested in hearing more about your thoughts and decision-making process, and all else. 

So sorry to hear this, Kim. But you know what? You did something so wonderful and brave in opening Savasana Station, something very few have the courage to do anywhere, and you did it in NYC no less. Be proud of what you've given to so many. And then on to the next adventure and chapter in this magical mystery tour we call life. A toast to you! 

Sorry to hear this Kim. I hope this opens paths to even better, happier and more fulfilling opportunities for you. Sending love. 😘

Love that you took the initiative to open your own place, Kim! The force is with you. I'll be in before the end of the month. 👊

You are an inspiration! Sorry to see that the studio is closing its doors but I wish you good fortune in your next next venture and chapter!

 WHAT!??!!! I think a small piece of my heart just broke.

Beautiful Kim something better is waiting for you just around the corner. Wishing you lots of luck and sending lots of love.

To be continued ...