teacher training

During the eight month/8 weekend course you’ll gain the skills needed to teach mindful flow yoga to all levels of student from beginner to advanced.





How it works

    1.     Attend classes at Savasana Station (out-of-towners may apply)

    2.    Attend Teacher Training weekends  

    3.    Group study and practice outside of studio 

    4.    Become a certified 200 hour yoga teacher 

When and how much?

COURSE DATES: April 2017 – November 2017

Friday eves 7:30 -9:30hp (2 hrs) 

Saturdays 11:30 - 9:00p (9 hrs) break 3:30 - 4:00p (except three weekends till 8pm)

Sundays 11:30 - 4:30p (5 hrs)

April 28,29,30 // May 19,20,21 // June 23,24,25 //July 21,22,23

August 18,19,20 //Sept 29,30,1 // Oct 27,28,29 // Nov 17,18,19

Dec 2,16,17 (avail for make up contact hours w/Kim for an additional cost)


TUITION - Registration is closed! Check back for next time. 

In applying for this Teacher Training, I acknowledge I have read and understood the refund and cancellation policies. Scroll down to read. 


Convenient monthly payment option: 8 installments of $387 will be charged once a month. 20 class credits are assigned to your account on April 28th. 

Make one payment $2,999 SAVE $100. 



*Specialized payment plans are available upon request

Once accepted, Teacher Trainees are eligible for steep class discounts in addition to 20 classes included with tuition - $225 for 10 Class Pack or One Month Unlimited $169.  If you would like to have a 6 month membership, please ask for pricing.  Scroll down for refund and cancellations policy. 




Missed our info session on Jan 4th? Here it is!

Have a listen to see if you're questions are answered. Scroll down for syllabus registered with Yoga Alliance. 



Q: What's your name, why are you interested in being here tonight at this teacher training and how long have you been practicing?

A: I'm Janine. I came here tonight because ever since I started yoga, I was always kind of called to get more involved. It never seemed right until I came here (Savasana Station) and you offered this. The schedule seems to be good. I want to deepen my practice. I'm in advertising and I don't want to be in the hustle and bustle for the rest of my life so what can I do as a next step on my journey? I started practicing when I was in college and took a couple years break and then started coming here steadily about a year and half ago. 









Q: Why do you want to take a teacher training?

A: I am particularly interested in studying with Savasana Station as it's been my go-to studio for two years. Practicing here really opened my eyes to the combination of a slow and mindful practice whilst also deepening my interest in Buddhism. At this time, it only seems natural to take my practice further by participating in Teacher Training. ~ Belle 







Q: How long have you been practicing yoga?

A: I was first introduced to yoga in high school and took some classes in college, but I’ve been practicing yoga consistently for two and a half years. Most of the classes I take are vinyasa based, but I’ve also taken hatha, ashtanga, bikram, hot vinyasa, yin yoga, and restorative. I’ve been to a number of yoga studios in the city, but only a few have stood out including Savasana Station. I’m incredibly grateful to have connected with a handful of teachers that I have learned so much from. It makes such a big difference. ~ Brenda




Led by Kim Stetz, ERYT-200, Savasana Station Founder and Lead teacher

certifications: OMYoga '03, Relax & Renew '03, Yoga For Two '03, ASFYT '08, IIN '10, The Interdependence Project '11


co- teacher Ellie Aaron

Savasana Station senior teacher

Special Guests TBA

Our RYS 200-hr yoga teacher training program is a whole-hearted, life-changing engagement. This training provides all the proper tools needed to start your path as a confident, accomplished and thoughtful mindful flow yoga teacher. You may also take this training with the intention of deepening your practice if teaching is not the intended goal. To become a certified teacher, you must complete hours needed and all tests. 


During the eight month course you’ll gain the skills needed to teach mindful flow yoga to all levels of student from beginner to advanced. The training focuses on bringing forth your personal strengths, creativity, knowledge and true voice.


Your guides started exactly where you are, by sharing their experience and specialized skills you’ll be provided with exposure and inspiration to all the possibilities yoga will bring. You will need to take at least 20 live yoga classes during the TT. They may be at another yoga studio. Payment for those classes elsewhere are the student's responsibility. 

Kim & Ellie have added classes to their regular schedule so you can have more practice time with your teachers. 


 Live your values. Make a true difference. 

You will learn:

    •    Asana (postures)

    •    Professional practice, ethics & yogic lifestyle  (includes nutrition, self-care practices)

    •    The art of hands-on adjustments

    •    Modifications for injury & special populations

    •    Pranayama (breathing practices) 

    •    Restorative Yoga + Prenatal Yoga 

    •    Dharma (buddhist studies) weekend and Meditation Training 

    •    Anatomy for yoga postures - YogaAnatomy.net Fundamentals

    •    Designing intelligent classes

    •    Yoga/Buddhist history & philosophy

Learning, Living, Loving Along the Way ... 

See Syllabus Registered with Yoga Alliance

Refund and cancellation policy:

  • Your $500 deposit will be refunded if you are not accepted into the program. Please do not make a deposit until first applying and wait for notice of acceptance. No refunds on deposit after March 30th. 
  • Our training dates and times are our training dates and times. We can not change the dates or times to accommodate individual students. You will be charged on the 15th of the month $387 for 8 consecutive months unless another payment arrangement is made. If payment is in default, you will be contacted by Kim Stetz to make a payment. You may pay for the entire course upfront $2,999 savings $100. 
  • If the student drops from the course for whatever reason, a refund will not be given for completed study sections. The student will not graduate from the program. At this time, we can not guarantee admittance or make up if the program is offered in 2018. 
  • If the student is asked to leave the teacher training by the RYS for reasons of disruption, continued tardiness, and over all lack of respect for the program, trainees, and teachers, RYS will eject the student from the course without refund. They will be responsible for paying at least 50% of program costs ($1,798 for received material and costs) regardless of what stage they are asked to leave. 
  • If the student leaves by mutual agreement with the RYS, all future payments will be canceled. There will be no refunds for classes taken. 
  • Other: Acts of God, student fails to complete the course for medical reasons, and unforeseeable events, we will cross that bridge  when if it comes. 

In applying for this Teacher Training, I acknowledge I have read and understood the refund and cancellation policies. 

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I am struck again by the incredible gift that yoga studio owners give to the community. I am amazed at the fact that you are able to run your yoga studios and ALSO do things like have illnesses, pets, children, apartments, houses, deaths of loved ones and pets, wild social and political times, etc... Without your incredible work I would not have a place to teach. Thank you, thank you, to each one of you who owns and runs a yoga studio and also for those of you who did in the past. I offer flowers to you in appreciation. What an incredible offering. Love, Natalie ~ Kim Stetz classmate 200-hr YTT Class of 2003  OM Yoga Weekend Warrior